Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Economy Storage Package - $100

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Example of Economy Package

Economy Storage Package is $100 plus tax for up to 6 items to be stored May thru August.

  • Bring your 1 - 6 items to our Hornell location. AIMS Self Storage,12 East Avenue Ext. Hornell NY 14843. We are open: Monday thru Friday 9 - 6, Saturday 9 - 3, Sunday 9 - noon
  • Each item is based on a box 18” x 18” x 24” or 18-gallon bin. Larger items count as 2 items. Write your last name on each item.
  • All of your belongings need to be packed securely in a box/bin/trunk/suitcase/duffle bag and weigh no more than 40 lbs.
  • Garbage bags/plastic bags will not be accepted. You can purchase boxes at our store.
  • All TV screens should be wrapped in a protective layer. Use a blanket or bubble wrap and securely fasten with tape/stretch film.
  • Please tape all boxes and label them with your last name. Do not cross fold boxes closed.
  • Refrigerators count as one item and do not need to be boxed. Refrigerators must be unplugged and cleaned 24 hrs. prior to delivery to storage.
  • Further charges will be applied to furniture, beds, bicycles, oversized items and additional items.
  • We do not provide insurance on your items and high value items such as jewelry and art will not be accepted.
  • Upon your return to school, stop by and pick up your items. You can email the date of your return or when close to Hornell, call us (607-324-2825) and we will have your items ready for pick up.

No Parents Needed, our staff will happily assist students who are not properly packaged. Our store sells boxes, bins, trunks and plastic covers.

Price: $100.00


Best # to call in case of issues
Name/# of your Hall or Residency
For Return Delivery Scheduling, please email info@alfredstudentstorage.com by July 30th and include your Residence Hall, room #, date and time.
*Select number of extra Allowed Items [more info]
Mattress/Box Spring any size.
Stationary bikes ok
Up to 7 feet