Terms & Conditions

Alfred Student Storage is a service provided through AIMS Self Storage Inc., Exclusive to Alfred University and Alfred State College, we provide many affordable solutions of storage and services to Alfred students.

Store-the-Dorm (Pickup/Delivery)
The student agrees that the time, day, location provided is all correct. When you know the date you will be arriving back on campus and what dorm you will be at, email or call us and schedule your delivery. Failure of student or friend representing student to be present at pickup/delivery time is subject to a $20.00 rescheduling fee. Any changes made with at least 24 hours’ notice will not receive such fee.

AIMS storage facility provides a safe, secure storage environment for your possessions. AIMS Self Storage Inc. is not responsible for items stored improperly, concealed damage, electronics, and items that are prohibited in storage. If you had the drop-off special, please email or call 24 hours in advance and we will have your items ready for pickup.

Storage Terms
All summer storage pricing is based from May-August. Additional storage is available at the price of $35.00 per month. Student is responsible for making any additional storage payments due the 1st of each month. AIMS Self Storage Inc. reserves the right to assume ownership of any abandoned items left in our storage facility after 60 days without payment.

Items not Allowed
The student agrees and acknowledges they will not pack any hazardous or illegal materials. Cash, Coin, Collectable items are not allowed under any circumstance. The student is responsible for adhering to these conditions, and accepts full responsibility and liability for any damages or losses that result from the student’s failure to adhere to these restrictions. Our staff reserves the right to open and inspect any item being stored and has the right to refuse storage of any item.

AIMS Self Storage does not have any insurance on any student items. AIMS is not responsible for any hidden or concealed damage, damage to press board furniture or plastic shelving units/ wheels on shelving units. Any issue with any items must be reported to AIMS Self Storage Inc. within 24 hours at info@alfredstudentstorage.com or 607-324-2825. Our management will evaluate and reach a conclusion if a refund will be provided. Refunds will not exceed the price of the package student selected.

Pricing is based on storage from May-August and varies depending on what option is selected and how many items are included in that package. Additional items will be charged starting at a rate of $20.00 per item. Once your order is processed your pickup/delivery time will be confirmed. Any cancellation, changes to date, time, and location must be made with at least 24 hours’ notice. If changes are made with under 24 hours’ notice, you are subject to $20.00 cancellation/rescheduling fee.

All charges will be processed upon placing an order. Refunds will be given if 24 hours’ notice is given to cancel order. Full refund will be given once all packing materials provided are returned. Delivery of packing materials is free with any storage option, if we have delivered packing materials and you cancel your order, $10 delivery fee will be charged. Student agrees and acknowledges all payment and charges be paid in full to receive their items back.

Credit Card Information
All credit card information will be processed through a third party (PayPal). AIMS Self Storage Inc. does not store credit card numbers, expiration dates or verification numbers. When you process your payment, you have authorized PayPal (credit card processor) to complete your payment.

AIMS Self Storage Pack & Ship store can ship student’s belongings to home or other schools in the USA and abroad. Our Services make it easy for students to take the bus or plane and save parents the cost of travel and rental vans. We are an Authorized FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS agent and can pack and ship to most places in the world. Domestic, International, Ground, Express and Freight services are available. Students can bring their items to our store or contact us for pick up. Visit our Store Website for more shipping information, www.aimspacknship.com. Pricing is based on the weight, size and destination.

Policy and Compliance
Students agree and acknowledge the acceptance of the of the stated policies and procedures, when placing an order with AIMS Self Storage Inc. Terms and conditions, prices, promotions, and services are subject to change without notice.

AIMS Self Storage is a Licensed Mover – NYS #37881 | USDOT #1942219

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