How to Pack

Choosing the Correct Box Size

  • Heavy items such as books should be placed in smaller boxes.
  • Lighter items such as clothing and blankets can be placed in larger boxes.
  • Pack heavier items in bottom of each box.

Note: Too much weight in a box can cause the box to break.

Fill Boxes Full

  • Don’t leave empty space in the boxes.
  • Stuff towels, clothing, newspapers to fill voids.

Note: Empty space causes items to shift during transport and often leads to items breaking.

Pack Similar Items Together

  • Packing items of similar size and weight together helps ensure safety of your items.

Tape Boxes Well

  • Tape Top and Bottom of each box to ensure the box does not come apart.
  • Cross folding boxes closed often leads to boxes coming apart and your belongs to fall on the ground.

Bag all Liquids

  • All liquids such as soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent should be sealed inside a bag then placed upright inside box.

Note: Liquids not packaged correctly have the potential to spill out, damaging your other items.


  • Do not need to be boxed.
  • Must be defrosted and cleaned.

Note:Defrosting and cleaning prevents mold forming over the summer.

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