Additional Allowed Extra Items


Allowed items are included with your respective storage package. 6 items for the Economy Storage Package and 12 items for the Store-the-Dorm Storage Package. If your total items add up to more than the allowed number for your storage package, you can select “Additional Allowed Items” when purchasing your storage package. Additional allowed extra items are items that you can also store for extra cost such as Beds, Bikes, Couches and more.

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Additional Allowed Extra Items

1 Bookshelf, 2 Bookshelves, 3 Bookshelves, 1 Desk Chair, 2 Desk Chairs, 3 Desk Chairs, 1 Lamp, 2 Lamps, 3 Lamps, 1 Mattress/Box Spring, 2 Mattress/Box Springs, 3 Mattress/Box Springs, 1 Bicycle/Stationary Bike, 2 Bicycle/Stationary Bikes, 3 Bicycle/Stationary Bikes, 1 Couch, 2 Couches, 3 Couches