Sat, Jan 16, 2021

Storage Unit Option

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Storage Unit Size Estimator

5 X 10 (50 sq. ft.)   MAY - August $225.00
5 x 10 Storage Unit - 50 sq. ft.5' x 10' storage room. 1-bedroom home/apartment (up to 1,200 sq. ft.) Units can hold larger boxes, items such as, furniture from an average sized bedroom, tables, chairs, couches, bikes or several boxes. This unit is approximately the size of a small to medium walk-in closet.
10 X 10 (100 sq. ft.)   MAY - August $325.00
10x10 Storage Unit - 100 sq. ft.10' x 10' storage room. 2-bedroom home (1,200 - 1,600 sq. ft.) Units store items such as chairs, mattresses, couch and love seat, furniture for a one-bedroom apartment, appliances, tables and several boxes. This unit is about the equivalent of a small bedroom.
10 X 15 (150 sq. ft.)   MAY - August $425.00
10x15 Storage Unit - 150 sq. ft.10' x 15' storage room. 3-bedroom home (1,600 - 2,000 sq. ft.) Units can hold furniture for a two bedroom apartment or small 3-bedroom home. This unit can hold mattresses, appliances, tables, several boxes, love seat, couches, chairs, an entertainment center or even a small sports car. This unit is about the size of a large bedroom.
10 X 20 (200 sq. ft.)   MAY - August $475.00
10x20 Storage Unit - 200 sq. ft.10' x 20' storage unit. 4-bedroom home or larger (2,000 sq. ft. and above) This unit is about the size of the average one-car garage. You can store furniture for a 3-bedroom apartment or small 4-bedroom house, workout equipment, an entertainment center, average size car, boxes, mattresses, couches or use this unit as a commercial inventory and equipment site.